Kane Team Targets Further Growth In 2014

Following a strong performance in 2013, Kane Solutions believes that the market opportunities it sees will make 2014 an even more successful year for the firm.

According to Nar Almeida, Head of Sales and Marketing, there are a number of industry developments which have the potential to secure strong growth. “Looking ahead, I would expect 2014 to be a year of continued growth in the offshore arena,” he said, “spurred on by new entrants into the market – both clients and solution providers – and a push for greater product innovation to meet demand and stimulate further growth.”

He continued: “Regulation will continue to be a key influencing factor on market developments, with other jurisdictions such as the UK adopting their own variations of FATCA, whilst AML requirements and compliance will remain a key focus.”

“At Kane Solutions,” says John Uprichard, Managing Director, “our focus will continue to be on expanding and enhancing our service offerings and achieving product delivery innovation across our IMS platform. Furthermore, we will seek to maintain the strong growth we have achieved in both our new fund and compliance operations.”

2014, he adds, will also see the benefits of the IMS Connect module come to the fore; while IMS NAV, the system built to support the formation and underlying reconciliation of the Net Asset Value of a fund, will gain further market traction as the firm continues to focus and grow that arm of the business.